The Brewing Lair

The Brewing Lair is located on 15 acres of forested land in the Northern Sierra Nevada. Come hang out at the brewery for an afternoon to sip on craft beers and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Pack up your kids, a picnic and the dog, and enjoy the fresh mountain air at The Brewing Lair.

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Contact Information:

(530) 394-0940

67007 State Highway 70, Blairsden, CA


We’re excited to have you back or welcome if it’s your first time! If it’s your first time visiting or haven’t been for awhile, here’s some information about how things work at The Lair.

  • Ordering Beer: Sometimes we have one beer line and sometimes two, either way be considerate of space up at the bar. 
  • Growlers: we can fill just about any growler, if it is CLEAN.
  • We reserve the right to refuse filling other growlers on the basis of: 1) Dirty growler and too busy to clean it for you, 2) The taproom is too busy
  • Dirty Glasses: please do not bring dirty glasses to the bar. Instead, drop them on the table in front of the brewery.

​ When visiting, we ask that you:

  • Have your order ready when it’s your turn
  • Please have patience  
  • Give one another space

About Us:

Susan and Rich are the thirsty, GREAT-craft-beer-seeking couple who founded The Brewing Lair in 2011. Rich was a carpenter who needed a new hobby; Susan a brewer and former restaurateur who needed a new project. Susan taught Rich how to brew beer and Rich took it to a whole new, professional level. Now Rich brews (real tasty) beer and Susan sells it.

We will only brew beer that we like to drink, so please don’t ask us to brew a light, fizzy, tasteless beer. We put in a disc golf course because we love walking in the woods drinking a beer, now we can take our beer, our discs and our dogs for a walk in the woods.

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