Two Rivers Soccer Camp

Learn new soccer skills, enjoy the outdoors and make new friends. Two Rivers offers a truly unique experience for the soccer enthusiast. Our camp, features European and American soccer coaches, creating an authentic soccer atmosphere.

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Located in Graeagle, CA


Two Rivers Soccer Camp invites you to come to camp this summer! Learn new soccer skills, enjoy the outdoors, experience personal growth and make new friends.

Two Rivers offers a truly unique experience for the soccer enthusiast. Our camp, featuring European and American soccer coaches, creates an authentic soccer atmosphere. The camp, located in Graeagle, California is nestled in the majestic Sierra with two rushing streams bordering the 40-acre site. 

Last year, more than 1,100 soccer players (ages 7-17) from the U.S. and around the world came to Two Rivers with a purpose; to improve their soccer and to have a great time. Many campers return to Two Rivers year after year. At Two Rivers, you will experience success and be challenged to work hard. You will leave camp with new feelings of self- confidence and inspiration to play your best soccer! 

Our Mission

“At Two Rivers Soccer Camp, we are committed to a well-balanced, athletic away from home camp experience. We provide our campers with a traditional camp atmosphere and a high level coaching experience on the field. We believe in healthy, challenging experiences both on and off the field and recognize the importance of social growth and athletic development.”

History & Philosophy

Two Rivers Soccer Camp was started with the vision that combining soccer training with a true camping experience in a marvelous setting could be well received. In 1974, the Schwendinger family purchased a piece of property that was formerly an exclusive retreat for an affluent family. 

By carving 2 ½ fields from a dense national forest, the project began. With a modest enrollment during the first few years, the camp continued to grow through the years. Our records show that more than 45,000 campers have attended the camp since inception, many of them over and over again. The strength of our program is blending a proper amount of quality training with a relaxed, enjoyable, and meaningful outdoor camp program. Clear blue skies, fresh water streams, and a carefully selected staff are contributing factors that enable campers to accumulate some wonderful memories. Through the years we have enhanced the facility by the addition of a new bridge, refurbishing the lodge building, constructing a well received turf field, implementing a sport court and a fishing pond….all of this without imposing on the exceptional natural setting. 

Our real goal is to reinforce the camp philosophy that each child in attendance experience personal growth both on and off the field in a unique atmosphere that captures special childhood memories. Hope you’ll join us!

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