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Along with our online courses, degree and certificate programs, University of Earth offers on campus workshops, courses, and events at our Lost Sierra Retreat Center, each designed with our vision and mission in mind.

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Our Mission & Vision

University of Earth is an EcoSpiritual Wisdom School dedicated to helping create a world that works for all, both human and “other-than-human,” where the Human Community, the Natural World and the Divine Worlds go forward as one sacred community. And while we are far from living in such a world, we hold a firm conviction that this is the emerging zeitgeist, the “Spirit of the Times,” and it cannot be turned back. 

How long it takes to get there depends on us. Whether it takes decades or centuries, it will require unending grit and grace. The fate of much of life on Earth is now in human hands, such is the blessing and the curse of freewill, our capacity to choose. Our willingness to choose to imagine, to create and live in harmony with the natural world and divine worlds is imperative. 

The Power of Imagination
Borrowing from the insights of the world’s wisdom traditions and the revelations of quantum physics, imagining this beautiful future is perhaps the most important and powerful thing each of us can do every day even while we go about our daily duties working for a better world. All things come into being through the imagination, whether for good or ill. Social Scientist, Fred Polak concluded after studying the rise and fall of civilizations throughout human history “The positive image of the future is at work in every instance of the flowering of a culture and the weakened image of the future is a primary factor in the decay of cultures.  The potential strength of a culture can be measured by measuring the intensity and energy of its images of the future.”

University of Earth is dedicated to supporting the call for the reinvention of humanity and exploring new ways of living and relating as one sacred community. Let us begin. One step at a time, one foot in front of the other, in these our changing times. Come, imagine with us a bright and beautiful future. With the power of our hearts, our heads and our hands, let us be about the business of creating a world that works for all. 

What University of Earth Offers

Along with our online courses, degree and certificate programs, University of Earth offers on campus workshops, courses, and events at our Lost Sierra Retreat Center, each designed with our vision and mission in mind. 

Come, intern with us in our EcoLiving Project and Medicine Food & Flower Garden Project. 

Join us for our seasonal solstice and equinox gatherings for personal and planetary healing and transformation through sacred rituals and Heliotropic Breathwork.  

In addition, our Retreat Center hosts workshops and events for other organizations that are in alignment with our vision and mission of creating a world that works for all. 

Personal and family vacation retreats are quite popular here in our cabins during the summer months at this beautiful and magical setting. Let us host your eco-retreat wedding event and ceremony and receive the blessing of the Sacred Mother Mountain that enfolds this landscape. 

Schedule an outdoor EcoSpiritual/EcoTherapy consultation with U of Earth Founder, Rich Silver and learn transformative nature practices that you can take home. 

Reinvent yourself as a human! Camp in beautiful tent sites along National Wild & Scenic Middle Fork of the Feather River, dubbed the “Medicine River” or reserve “The Hermitage,” our secluded yurt in a sacred grove of trees with stunning river views for a personal EcoSpiritual retreat.  Saunter along our many trails and visit the nearby Lakes Basin National Recreation Area’s multitude of glacial lakes and trails.  

Reinventing the Human

As Thomas Berry indicated in the quote above, the key element to creating a world that works for us all is the “reinvention of the human.” We might ask, what does this reinvention look like? And we need to look no further than newer research based human development models to find hope for this possibility. Certain models point to more advanced, more mature stages of human development where we fulfill our greater potentials, stages that honor and integrate the human, natural and divine worlds.  And while the percentage of humans currently at those stages is minimal, the fact that they exist give us a starting point, a goal, and encouragement.

Many developmental scholars talk of a sociological “tipping point” when the momentum toward a new way of living and relating will begin to become the prevailing paradigm. Some are predicting that the most likely scenario for this emergence will be in the form of “Islands of Sanity” where the like-minded will come together in communities creating a ripple effect that will begin to spread throughout.

The central part of our vision and mission at University of Earth is assisting in moving us toward that “tipping point” by helping people learn about and fulfill those greater human potentials while supporting the creation of “Islands of Sanity.” 

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