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Chasing light, shadow, and stories in the Sierras and Northern California with cameras, bikes, dogs, and friends.

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Show Your Story

Everyone can relate to a well crafted story.  People have come to expect stories to be told visually, and this can be the most efficient and engaging way to communicate a message.

Whether you’re healing pets or the planet, selling bananas or buildings, or offering adventures or advice, all products have stories to be told.  We can help you sculpt your ideas and visions into a clear message that can be shared with the world.

20+ years of experience in all genres of film production enables us to refine concepts, select and source equipment, and plan logistics for shoot days in the Sierras or the San Francisco Bay.  No matter if your piece is 10 seconds or 10 episodes, on location or in studio, we will create the imagery that conveys your message. 

Recent Project: Lost on Purpose

A gravel exploration of the “Lost Sierra” in advance of the Connected Communities trail project – born at the intersection of incredible natural beauty, adventurous spirit, and some healthy impatience.

Plan your Message or Message your Plan

Are you a chef?  A dentist?  A philanthropist?

You’ve probably already told your story hundreds of times to individuals or small groups; Why not refine the story with visual elements and launch it so that it can continue telling itself, freeing you up to live it and create the next chapters?

What We’ve Done

Walker Creek Ranch Outdoor Education

A collaboration between non-profit California Trout and the Marin County Office of Education to give teachers and students a sense of what to expect at Outdoor Education, and give parents a peek at what their kids are learning.

Mikes Bikes Direct Mobile Service

A promotion of Mikes Bikes’ new Mobile Service via their social channels.  We worked with their in-house director to create this visual story showing the ease of scheduling and speed of service.

Peter Stetina – Kokopelli Trail FKT

Christopher Keiser, of Kaffeinated Films, extended the invitation to wear several hats while chasing a very fast man around in the desert- it was a blast.

Mikes Bikes Mega Sale

We provided Director of Photography and lighting services to the Mikes Bikes creative department to shoot this 30 sec spot for local cable television advertising.

Closing the Gap – Alto Tunnel

Provided Director/DP services for this piece to rally support for the re-opening of Alto Tunnel.  

Grandma’s Hands

Grammy winner Tim O’Brien‘s version of the Bill Withers classic. Tim had a couple hours, so we pre-lit, mic’d, and rigged cameras so that he could just sit down and play; we shot 3 takes each of several songs before he ran off to his afternoon sound check.

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