Plumas-Sierra County Fair

The overall mission of the Plumas-Sierra County Fair is to develop educational exhibits and promote our agricultural resources. We also want to promote the use of the fairgrounds at a reasonable cost to the community on a year-round basis.

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(530) 283-6272

204 Fairground Rd, Quincy, CA 95971


The Plumas Sierra County Fairgrounds is the premier meeting place for conferences, weddings, birthdays, trade shows and special events. It has 62 acres of buildings and open space that can accommodate everything from concerts to ropings. Click on the pictures below to learn more about each building and area to see if it’s right for your plans. As always, if you have any questions, please call the Fair office at 530-283-6272 or complete a Facility Rental Form and turn it in to the office.

Camping at the Fair is one of the greatest experiences in life! Help us keep in fun and safe for everyone by following these rules.

– Please park where you’re supposed to. If you have questions, call the office.
– Only immediate family can use a campsite. Please don’t allow others to come on the fairgrounds to pitch a tent outside your trailer. It’s not fair to all the others that have paid.
– Pay attention to the time. You can only move vehicles on and off the fairgrounds during assigned times. This is for safety.
– Your campground rental does not include entry to the fair. If you are a livestock exhibitor, you get a wristband that’s good for entry all week. Additional wristbands for the family are only $5. The fair can really use the revenue, so please make sure everyone in the family has paid.
– Dogs are not allowed on the fairgrounds. This is one of those rules that we didn’t want to strictly enforce, but of course, some people took advantage of the Fair Manager’s lack of strictness and were not responsible with their animals. We are sorry, but we can’t allow you to bring your dog to the Fair.

What we are trying to do….

A group of people, who love the fair, have created a non-profit corporation to help gather funds and volunteers to make sure the Plumas Sierra County Fair stays healthy and vibrant for years to come. 

How can you become part of the PSCF Foundation?

Become an investor in the Foundation and Fair. 
Check out the investment options below and become part of this exciting opportunity today.


Single Membership – $50 Single week pass to the fair/Recognition in fair program & roster*

Family Membership – $100 Family week pass to the fair/Recognition in fair program & roster*

Business Sponsorship – $500 Five family passes to the fair/Membership certificate to display in your business/Recognition in fair program & roster*Of course you can always contribute more! And don’t forget, your time is as valuable as your money! If you would like to volunteer, there is always a project that needs a caring, committed person!

*The Foundation Roster is a sign that will be on display all year round, located int he Tulsa Scott Pavilion listing all PSCF Foundation Investors. It will be updated annually.

The PSCF Foundation is a registered non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization. Your donation (investment) is tax deductible and will be used for projects and programs to improve and sustain the Plumas Sierra County Fairgrounds.

Call 530-283-6272 or e-mail to become a member or for more information. 

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