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Here, at Writers’ Salon events, you’ll find an enclave where you’ll receive mentoring and support -- and you can just focus on creation and reflection.

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No matter where you are in your writing, chances are you have experienced getting stuck. Either you have trouble getting started, maintaining or finding momentum, wrestling with a scene, story arc, character development, or emotional quagmire, finding a quiet place to write (in your head and your surrounds), or other barrier to getting the words on the page.

Maybe you have been challenged by what to do when you have finished your draft – who will read it for you? who will edit? who will transcribe your dictation? who will help you get your book sent to agents, to get it published?

Whether you are cruising along, just getting started, stuck in the weeds, or mired in the mud, The Writers’ Salon is here to help. With a wide net of resources for writing and administration, residential and virtual retreats, on-line open mike events, a coaching roster, connections, and introductions, community building, encouragement without pressure, The Writers’ Salon offers bespoke solutions, inspiration, and support.

Who is Anne Cameron?

I am a natural storyteller turned attorney, who is coming back to my roots. A California native and former teacher and equestrian, I moved to Utah to attend law school and earned my Doctor of Jurisprudence from the University of Utah and made Park City, Utah, my home. During and immediately after law school I worked for the Utah Attorney General as a law clerk and young attorney before becoming a Deputy District Attorney in Salt Lake County. After five years with the Salt Lake County District Attorney, I decided to work closer to my home in Park City as a prosecutor for the Summit County Attorney so I could enjoy the beautiful recreation options. Eventually I transitioned into private practice at a small firm in town as a divorce and defense attorney. In 2015 I made another change and opened my own practice which focuses on a peace-making model of dispute resolution and now I practice Collaborative Family Law and mediation only. The transition to a more peaceful dispute resolution model allows me time and energy to work on my writing, maximize my time in the Sierra Nevada mountains of my childhood summers, and create a community of writers to support and cultivate the storyteller in all of us.

My Story

I spent two weeks with my family every summer in Graeagle, California in my youth. That summer tradition that continued until I bought a home in Whitehawk Ranch, five miles from the cabin where my family enjoyed the beginning of summer each year. The High Sierra and area surrounding Graeagle are replete with breathtaking forest filled vistas, mountain lakes and trails, rivers and streams for tubing or fishing, and a community unique to the remote mountain location. Having spent 50 something summers in the area, and now a part time resident, I am your concierge to the area.

I split my time between Park City, Utah, and Whitehawk Ranch, California, and my pets travel with me. The Zoom/COVID era, which ushered in an enhanced remote working model, has made it possible for me to spend more time in Whitehawk since early 2020, and to really become part of the local community as a resident. The wildlife and quiet tranquility in the area have allowed my creativity to blossom both in my legal work and in my writing projects in between my hiking and biking adventures.

What is the benefit of The Writers’ Salon?

The Writers’ Salon is different than many writer’s groups, forums, and programs. The Writers’ Salon is a boutique enclave in the writing community intended to fortify and support writers in all stages of their writing life by providing residential and virtual opportunities for generative writing and craft lessons and conversations. Intellectually rigorous and emotionally supportive, The Writers’ Salon is not mired down by ego or rigid curriculum, we create an environment to support you getting the words onto the page.

Whether for the first draft or putting the polish on a project, we have generated the container for that to happen. The Writers’ Salon provides a platform of support, community, and wisdom of all who participate, including published authors, artisan writers, and novice storytellers. If you are serious about getting your words on the page, and seek a collective for support, inspiration, and musing, The Writers’ Salon is worth a look.

Options for virtual and residential generative retreats, pressure free open mike events via Zoom, Writer in Residence events, a roster and introductions to a variety of writing coaches, mentors, and craft workshops, solitary or group generative time, cuisine, artisan cocktails, craft coffee, or formal tea service in the afternoon, we have what it takes to help you bring your best product to the page, and to be comfortable while you are doing it.

Focus. Create. Reflect.

A boutique enclave and concierge to cultivate and support the artist and writer in all of us.

What’s been in the way? Lack of time? Need to escape? Need the right kind of nurturing environment? Need skills, support and wisdom — mentorship?

Here, at Writers’ Salon events, you’ll find an enclave where you’ll receive mentoring and support — and you can just focus on creation and reflection.

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