Level up your grow with microbes and a 2-part nutrient solution that will make you look like a master grower whatever your experience. Easy to apply and works in any growing medium.

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Located in The Lost Sierra of Northern California


Our full catalog offers a complete solution for all stages of plant development. From our complete, two-part mineral nutrients, to our assortment of quality enhancements or our flagship microbial inoculant, we have your high-value crops covered. And, as the manufacturer, we ensure quality inputs at the most aggressive price.

Located in The Lost Sierra of Northern California, all products are Plumas County Proud. Check back for workshops and classes hosted on the ranch!

Professional-grade products at affordable prices

How are we able to provide premium product lines at such affordable prices? You aren’t paying for hype.

Our formulas have been developed and refined over many decades of experience in the field. We’re owner-managed, we don’t have a fat marketing budget, and we sell our products directly to you, which means our operating costs are just a fraction of what our competitors face.

By passing these savings on to you, we can massively increase your bottom line in this challenging economic environment.


Our 2-part mineral based solution contains all macro and micronutrients to keep your plants healthy and your yield high. Available in either liquid or powder options.

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Unlock the total potential of your nutrients with our naturally derived inoculant, Amplify™. Support plant health, increase yields, and grow bigger buds.

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Additives & Supplements

Extra tools for managing non-standard environments or picky feeders. Our powder or liquid supplements offer the tools needed for all growers.

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The Product Line

All Organitek products are designed and formulated to provide balanced nutrient profiles. The right nutrients, in turn, help you grow bigger, healthier plants that produce a higher yield. We geek-out on the science so you can focus on the fun stuff.

The Product Line

3x more effective than the leading brand

Our proprietary, patent-pending formulas are producing higher yield than other leading brands. And since you can order them directly from our website, you save $$$ compared to buying from your local grow shop.

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