Lost Sierra Food Project

Supporting our local food system & community in the Lost Sierra through food access, food security, regenerative farm education and job training.

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We envision a world where everyone has access to healthy, affordable food and feels empowered to grow their own produce.

Supporting our local food system & community in the Lost Sierra through food access, food security, regenerative farm education and job training.

Our Mission

To increase access to local foods for Plumas County residents, prioritizing underserved populations, provide workforce development programs, and create educational food and farming opportunities.

Our Objectives

  1. Increase local food production ensure food access and food security for our region.
  2. Enhance education in ecological farming and wellness through community workshops, trainings, and school programs.
  3. Empower people through experiential and skill-based workforce development on the farm.

Where is Plumas County? And why there?

Plumas County is a remote, mountainous area of Northeast California that has minimal access to fresh produce and health services. As a “frontier” community, with 8 people per square mile and 85 miles from the nearest city, many of our resident’s experience chronic food insecurity and lack basic health services. Given our geographic region, Plumas County is also vulnerable to a changing climate and must create a resilient emergency food system.

According to the Plumas County Community Health Assessment (CHA) conducted in 2016, the percentage of individuals identified as “food insecure” rose between 2014 and 2015, while at the same time the percentage for California dropped almost 14%. CalFresh recipients (California’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) have nearly doubled since 2010. 19% of the population in Plumas County identify as food insecure, yet children have a higher rate of 23% (in contrast to 19% of children across California.)

We have a vulnerable and economically disadvantaged population living in an isolated region. This prospect may sound bleak, but because of this geographic isolation, Plumas County has an incredibly tight knit community, where taking care of each other is the way that we survive. Lost Sierra Food Project germinated from community need and interest. This is how grassroots change starts. Our programs seek to address the root cause of food insecurity and environmental degradation from agriculture, while empowering our community to create lasting solutions.

Lost Sierra Food Projects

Our areas of work fall into 3 projects:

Food Access & Food Security

Workforce Development

Regenerative Farming Education

The farm changed my life. I loved volunteering with the farm-I learned more common practices than I thought coming in to it. This experience has got me seriously considering a career path in sustainable farming.

– 2020 Farm Share Program Participant

Workforce Development Program

We offer job training programs on our farm in order to provide technical skills, build awareness, and enhance knowledge related to ecological farming.

“I loved harvesting and trying new foods and herbs. It was interesting to learn about what the plants on the farm and what they need to survive.”

– TAY participant, 2020

Regenerative Farming Education

We use every opportunity to educate visitors on the farm, whether it is with our volunteers, program participants, and/or students from the Ecological Farming Certificate at Feather River College, Plumas Charter School and Plumas Unified School District.

“Yes, I will continue to grow food in my garden. This program inspired me to grow more food every year instead of every few years.”

– Breanna, Age 14 (Upward Bound participant)



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