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The Kinship Ranch is a family owned and operated ranch and event venue site.

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Silver to Gold Events, LLC can host events on Kinship Ranch that are sure to leave the entire group with a happy and unforgettable experience. From weddings and reunions to a family BBQ, we offer a variety of experiences for the entire family to enjoy. We look forward to hosting your next event!

Our Kinship Ranch Story

Kinship Ranch came together from the ambition and desires of 2 families. Mike and Denise Geissinger sold their small ranch in Gardnerville, NV to fulfill their lifelong dreams of owning a cattle ranch in the remote, rural Sierra Nevada Mountains. Joining them in this new adventure is Denise’s son Kevin Cook and his wife Valerie. Kevin and Val have always wanted to live on a big ranch and start their own herd of cattle. 

Together, as a team and family, we run this ranch and business. Our goal is after you spend some time with us on the ranch, we hope you will become a part of our family forever, leaving with one of a kind memories. 

History of Kinship Ranch

The Kinship ranch was homesteaded in 1865 as a 600 hundred acre mining claim. The original home and timber framed barns were built in 1879 and the property was owned by the same family for the first 130 years. Parcels were separated over the course of those 130 years, with the property ultimately becoming a 100 acre cattle ranch. The second family purchased the ranch in 1996 and performed extensive upgrades to the original house. The home was modernized with new plumbing and electrical, but the originality of the era in which it was built was kept alive.

As the third owners in history, we at Kinship Ranch will strive to maintain the historic charm as well as create lasting memories for anyone who visits our family.

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